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martes, 29 de junio de 2010


Although you do write “good sentences” most of the time, you may make a few mistakes. Studying grammar is really just learning a new vocabulary so that you can talk about and learn how to correct these mistakes. Understanding grammar also helps you write new kinds of sentences that are more effective and more persuasive.

Speaking and writing correctly are very important. Usually the first impression someone, including a possible employer, has of us comes from what we say or write and how we say it. People judge us and our abilities by the way we use the language. For example, some people say “He sure done good!” or “He should of went to the dance” or “Hunters didn’t shoot a big amount of deer this year.”

While the meaning is very clear, the way it was said (or written) may encourage others to think that the speaker/writer probably doesn’t have much “schooling” or else isn’t very good at expressing him/herself.

This module gives you a chance to find and correct any grammar mistakes you may be making. Unless you correct those errors in grammar, you may be unfairly judged, and your true abilities may go unrecognized.

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  1. Gracias infinitas Muriel!!
    Eres super creativa y clara

  2. Grammar is a set of rules and examples dealing with the syntax and word structures (morphology) of a language.

    APA Editing

  3. Because good grammar shows other people that you're intelligent and smart. For example, you can never get hired if your resume is lacking of check spelling. Great blog!